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Developmentally Appropriate 
Learning Environments

 Kinder Clues Academy in Davie, Florida provides a sense of home where imagination is encouraged and your child can play all while learning. All of our highly qualified teachers have backgrounds in early childhood education and excel at transforming their classrooms into an open community where children from different cultures can interact in developing their own abilities and learn through teachable moments.


We believe that:

  • Encouraging children to explore, experiment, and discover is the best way to learn.

  • Children are creative and confident designers of their own future.

  • Children will learn to be cooperative if we create an environment that promotes respect, teamwork, and cordiality.

  • By promoting an appropriate development environment and respect for each children’s stage we will stimulate critical and creative thinking.

  • Empowering children to understand emotions gives them the possibility to have self-control and be emotionally intelligent.



Make the SERVICE OF EXCELLENCE, our daily activity. Develop our young children with a creative mind to be prepared for their successful future. To be a Professional and devoted Preschool Institution that provides an environment of respect, cordiality, and knowledge with the purpose of develop skills and life values of the children and people who are part of this Educational Community. 


Create the Best Kindergarten according to the needs of our parents and children. Educate young minds promoting values of honesty, courtesy, gratitude, and respect. Train young people with emotional intelligence, creative and critical thought. Our children will be able to transform their reality, aware of the social commitment.

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