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   Our professional teachers go above and beyond to provide quality services to the children, who are our main priority, they are focused on providing the best quality service.

The teachers each have an excellent curriculum with a passion to help our children. Ethics and diligence are two of the most important values in their daily behavior. Their skills and background comply with the requirements of Florida State law. We perform annual strict checks throughout the duration of our staff.


Teacher Requirements Include:

  • Certified By State Requirements

  • Trained In Our Standards and Curriculums

  • Trained To Understand Child Development Milestones

  • Receive Ongoing Development Training On a Yearly Basis



Debora Pastrana.jpg

Mrs. Debora Pastrana

Owner & Director


Mrs. Yndira Cuotto

Administrative Assistant

Ana Lozano Regulation Specialist .jpg

Mrs. Ana Lozano


Regulation Specialist

Seira Tobar Operational Assistant .jpg

Mrs. Seira Tobar

Operational Assistant

Marcella Orellana PreK 1.jpg

Mrs. Marcela Orellana

Infants Teacher

Gilda Hinestroza Infants assistant.jpg

Mrs. Gilda Hinestroza 

Infants Assistant

Veronica Suarez Toddlers 1.jpg

Mrs. Veronica Suarez


Toddlers 1 Teacher

Zulema Vazquez Toddlers 1 Assistant.jpg

Mrs. Zulema Vazquez

Toddlers 1 Teacher

Teresa Cumache PreK 2.jpg

Mrs. Teresa Cumache

PreK 2

Anabriel Filpo VPK .jpg

Mrs. Anabriel Flip


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